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日本語 is a site for Natural Therapists in Japan who wish to share their gifts of healing.
Life gets so busy that we often fall into daily routines without giving ourselves the time to care for our mental and physical health.  Prevention is better than cure, and Natural Health methods are best used before a serious illness sets in. So if you suspect you need to get back on track to a healthier lifestyle, we may have what are looking for...
Healing is a journey. A process of overcoming obstacles, of struggling internally, for gaining self-knowledge. This takes time and understanding. Each sickness brings with it a lesson that must be learned. Which method you choose is also a journey as we try to find the therapy that works best for our individual needs.

Its for this reason that we try to present different options as only you will know whats best for you when you find it.     

 New Therapist   Kelly Thomas , online Naturopath
Increasing the body's ability to clean itself and detoxify is probably the best way to maintain health in an environment with higher than normal radiation levels. This 50 minute YouTube seminar provides some useful information that may help answer many questions I have had recently


Kali Yoga offers Dynamic Yoga Retreats, Raw Food Retreats, Juice Fasting Detox Retreats throughout the year in Spain ,France and now in Italy

Trine Berge will hold her second Raw Food Retreat on Mallorca in May 2015 -

The Bowen Technique                                                                                                         ESPANOL        日本語

Gerard Laracy is from New Zealand and has been a practitioner of the Bowen Technique and an Usui Reiki Master since 2002. From a background of Martial Arts, Gerard has spent over 15 years in Japan and China since 1989 seeking out healing modalities and spiritual development. This interest lead him to study Naturopathy and Osteopathy in 2000. Gerard has learned a wide variety of therapies from Chinese Medicine to Iridology and Reflexology, but specialises in the Bowen Technique (click here) Reiki Tummo and NEUROLINK
Gerard works with therapies that are "Empty Handed" so do not require the use of herbs, medicine, machinery, nor direct spinal manipulation techniques.These therapies are 100% safe and can be performed through clothing.
The Bowen technique is a minimally invasive therapy that uses a series of distinct moves across muscles and nerves to unlock pain and allow the body to heal itself very rapidly. Results are often instantaneous but it is not normally necessary to have more than 3 to 5 Bowen sessions even for long term injuries. Gerard is now based in Spain on the island of Mallorca.  Click on Logo.  See also 
Contact Gerard on +34-646-383-143 or

Reiki Tummo (click here) and Open Heart Meditation (click here)                                                                   ESPANOL     日本語 

To achieve true Happiness and Peace we must learn to open our Hearts to the very core.

Reiki Tummo and Open Heart workshops form the introductory steps of a larger Yoga syllabus offered by the Padmacahaya Institute for Inner Studies.  "Padma" means Lotus, "chaya" means Light. Yoga is not achieved via postures or breathing.
When your spirit returns to the Source of its Creator, this is true Yoga. Your spirit resides in the core of your spiritual Heart and spiritual growth is thus achieved by growth of the Heart. Our own efforts are not sufficient to open our heart properly so it is necessary to learn how to do less, letting our hearts be opened by the Creator easily and beautifully.

This syllabus was created by Irmansyah Effendi from Indonesia and focuses on the practice of reaching spiritual enlightenment during this lifetime. It teaches the deepest ideas that are found in all great traditions but without dogma or religion. Each step includes new attunements of your energy system and practices that allow you to quickly feel and experience universal Truths for yourself. Your level of consciousness is thus raised rapidly. These attunements mean that you can advance spiritually in a only a few days in ways that take many years of disciplined practices using traditional methods. This means you can now lead a normal life, enjoying it more fully, while practicing advanced spiritual development.

Reiki Tummo has 3 levels and Open Heart has 6 levels. Reiki Tummo focuses on energy healing while Open Heart goes direct to focus on the spiritual Heart, however they are two sides of one coin that converge later. These initial workshops rapidly prepare you for the Intermediate and Advanced spiritual development and lessons. Your Kundalini will be fully awakened and your Heart opened much wider and deeper. You will learn how to start using your Heart in everyday life and enjoying its many benefits. Further steps are taught in one-day workshops or over several days in a Retreat format. 
There are no Asana or stretching exercises necessary. For more on this see the Padmacahaya website HERE
Reiki Tummo in Mallorca AQUI,click here
Meditacion del Corazon Abierto en Mallorca AQUI
 For more information on workshops near you contact:
The N.I.S Neurological Intergration System developed by NEUROLINK uses principles of Kinesiology to diagnose and correct the underlying causes of all kinds of health problems from acute pain, chronic sicknesess, bacterial and viral infection as well as DNA malfunction in body cells. 

N.I.S. is completely non-invasive and safe. It is used to treat athletes for sports injuries and performance enhancement as well as the elderly and newborns. One of its revolutionary areas is in the area of learning disabilities... 

Is Your Child Learning to his or her full potential??                                            
Does your child struggle to put thoughts on to paper quickly? Loose concentration easily?
Does your child suffer from lack of confidence or have low self esteem?
Is your child quick to become frustrated?
Learning difficulties are the result of some form of neurological disorganization or blood sugar metabolism. Common labels given to people who present some of these symptoms are Dyslexia, hyperactivity, ADD or ADHD. However your child may not have been diagnosed with any of these but still not be learning to their potential. Such labels fail to establish the cause and only reinforce the symptoms your child has.

Drugs may improve symptoms.....but they do not directly treat learning disabilities.
Behavioural Therapy and remedial units may assist, but they will not eradicate the CAUSE of the learning problem.
NEUROLINK addresses the real causes of symptoms and  the issues that delay and prevent a child´s progress.
more information :  go to  NEUROLINK PAGE      contact:       and


 Akiko Nakajima is an instructor of Hatha Yoga and has trained in both traditional and modern forms of Yoga.
Akiko offers both private and small groupYoga sessions and can teach at your venue also.
Yoga classes are tailor made depending on your body condition etc. and classes are suitable for all levels.
Akiko also has training in Ayurveda holistic counselling and massage techinques and adds this into her therapy work.Her interests also include Tai-Chi Chuan andChi-gung.
Classes are based in Kasai but location is flexible. Please discuss your individual situation with Akiko.
世間では大変人気のあるヨガですが、実は、アーユルヴェーダ (生命の科学)という
インドの伝統医療のひとつであり、体質改善や心身の健康を促す療法 とされています。
共に肉体と病気の関係は、その患者の消火器や感覚器官の働きの乱れ によって起こるものであり、
病気の根本治療は各器官の働きやバランスを整えること 、と考えます。

本来ヨガとは、アーユルヴェーダに基づいて行われ、健康維持 、病気の予防が本来の目的なのです。

Kana works from her Ginza premises and offers several therapies matching the content of each session to suit the individual whether that be traditional swedish massage, shiatsu, reflexology or facial estee.

Drawing from a wide range of healing methods Kana incorporates not only physical therapies but knowledge of nutrition and counselling.
Contact Kana for more information at


Miho offers Swedish Massage from various locations in Tokyo. With several years experience in massage and has worked and trained in the U.S. and Australia with clients from many countries. 

Miho is certified by the Swedish Bodycare School Axelson Tokyo and Spiro Healing Academy. Miho is also trained in Facial massage OJT.
Contact Miho for details: