Using a selection of high quality massage oils and aromatherapy oils, each session is fine tuned for your individual needs. In a comfortable healing environment softly lit and with calming background music you are sure to come away feeling on top of the world after some special pampering.
Massage is a great way to unwind the built-up stress of the day.
Mixing her own oils to suit your body condition Kana pays particular care to client comfort and individual consultation.  
Facial massage is a popular specialty offered by Kana.
Reflexology is a highly effective treatment for a wide variety of imbalances. Nerve endings in the feet are stimulated giving relief to stressed organs of the body.
Used in combination with body massage or as a sole treatment on its own, reflexology is an important therapy in the world of natural healing.
 Basic course
   (30min counselling incl.)
 Fees are based on time of consultation, you may choose any therapy you like or leave it to Kana to decide for you.
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