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Specialising in acute pain and chronic illness the Neurological Integration System (NIS) uses the latest scientific research at a cellular level to address CAUSES and not symptoms. ONLY by addressing your health at cell level can you achieve optimum sustainability.


Who is NIS for?
NIS is suitable for the whole family!  Over the last 20 years practitioners globally have been using the NIS system in practice, treating a wide spectrum of symptoms/ complaints.  
Your practitioner is accessing the brains intelligence, though a muscle test and proprietary integration method - developed by Neurolink.

The approach is safe, non-invasive, non-manipulative, so it is therefore suitable for the newborn baby through to the very aged, and those that are very sick or injured.   
NIS is one of the safest methods of healthcare available.



What is NIS about?

Your brain is a powerful piece of machinery.  At the centre of your nervous system your brain controls all conscious actions, like your thoughts, feelings and memories.  And it controls all automatic actions like your heartbeat, blood pressure, body temperature and breathing.

The NIS system bases its treatment method on the scientific principle that the brain governs ‘optimum function’ of all the body’s systems.  
As long as the neurology (brain) is communicating appropriately with the physiology (body), we should be operating at ‘optimum function’


NIS is good for :



 Aging  (arthritis / joint degeneration/ osteoporosis)

             Allergies  (psoriasis/ hayfever/ digestive issues)
  •  Asthma  (respiratory complaints affecting both children & adults)
  •  Back & neck pain  (structural issues/ sciatica)
  •  Children  (reflux/ colic/ ear infections/ asthma)
  •  Chronic fatigue (ME)
  •  Circulation  (blood pressure)
  •  Depression (anxiety, stress)
  •  Digestion  (irritable bowel/ gluten intolerance)
  •  Learning / behavioural (ADHD/ ADD/ dyslexia/ hyperactivity/ aspergers/ dyspraxia)
  •  Men’s health  (fertility/ prostrate)
  •  Migraine & headaches 
  •  Neurological Injury (trauma)
  •  Skin problems  (eczema/ dermatitis/ psoriasis)
  •  Sleep disorders  (insomnia/ apnea/ tiredness)
  •  Sports  (injuries/ training)
  •  Viruses/ immunity  (colds & flu)
  •  Women’s health  (fertility/ PMT/ menopause/ pregnancy)
Please Note:   

NIS is a complete healthcare system that utilises some of the tools developed &/or used by other healthcare methods. 
The application and use of these tools with Neurolink NIS is completely unique, and should not be considered in any way similar to other healthcare approaches that use muscle testing such as Applied Kinesiology etc.

Applied Kinesiology (AK) developed Dr George J. Goodheart, D.C. in 1964, uses manual muscle-strength testing and provides feedback on the functional status of the body. NIS uses a muscle-test, first developed by Dr Goodheart, but the feedback we are investigating is quite different and the treatment process in Neurolink NIS is unique.

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