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Reiki is a natural and gentle energy which flows through the energy centres of the body - the chakras - and is used for healing. Reiki is a completely safe form of energy and helps to balance the energy system of the body as well as promote healing rate of physical injuries. This has a direct effect on a persons' emotional and physical state as an energetic cleansing takes place. 

 Ki, Chi or Prana, are different names for the same universal energy which keeps all things together and alive. Reiki translates as 'Universal Energy' and is the name given to the Japanese method as taught by Mikao Usui in the 1920s. After 21 days of spiritual practice on Mt.Kurama in Kyoto, Usui Mikao 'rediscovered' this method which was thought lost for hundreds of years. He began teaching and healing from then on. His teachings and methods were kept secret for many years but nowadays have spread throughout the world and are coming back to Japan. Usui Reiki is therefore the original style of Reiki.

Reiki is passed from teacher to student via an attunement process - the result is instant!

If you wish to try a session of Reiki or Shing Chi, Gerard offers first time healings free of charge - in person or by distance.Reiki is from Chakra 7.  He is also attuned to energy of Chakras 8,9,10 and 11 under the Reiki Tummo system.
Please contact him to arrange a time. Please note, this is not an attunement but a chance to experience energy healing for yourself.

Energy Treatments    -        (using Usui Reiki,Reiki Tummo or Shing Chi Energy)
To balance Aura and chakras and general calming 30minutes is enough. For injuries and high stress or emotional trauma a minimum of 1 hour is recommended. For best results learn to do self-healing everyday through a course.
* "Energy exchange" is a concept in Reiki used to acknowledge the Karmic changes when giving and receiving. Balance is maintained through exchange of services. 
Distance Healing:   receive Reiki anywhere, anytime from a distance . Get regular healings at times to suit your schedule or send to your friends in need.

Anyone can be taught to use Reiki after a Reiki Master opens the already existing energy channels wider. This is called an attunement. It is similar to tuning a television to receive a picture or a radio to the correct frequency. The teacher widens the energy channels already existing and also widens the connection with the universe at the point of the crown chakra to allow a greater energy flow to take place. Energy can be channeled immediately after an attunement. So, unlike Chi-gung (Chinese traditional methods of energy work) which can take years of practice before acquiring the ability to heal, Reiki energy is available for use immediately. 
What's more, as the energy flows into the body from the universe and through the hands, the practitioner and the patient are both cleansed. The energy flows automatically once the hands are placed on the body.
The energy never runs out because it's not your own energy - the energy is directly from the universe.
Reiki can be sent by Distance Healing also. Just as people think about a friend and that friend calls soon after, energy travels easily through space and time. However, in the case of Reiki the amount of energy able to be sent is multiplied many times over. Click here for Distance Healing instructions and explanation. 
REIKI is good for any condition and often used for : Detoxification, Pain relief, Digestion, re-energising food and water, meditation, emotional trauma, past-life healing, spiritual awakening, improving connection to the universe etc.

There are 4 levels in Usui Reiki: Reiki I ,Reiki II, Reiki IIIa, Reiki IIIb*
A two day course: 4-5 hours per day , Reiki Theory, Reiki 1 attunements (4 in total), Self-healing practice. Training manual, music CD and Certificate provided. 
21 days of Self healing is the minimum time before moving to Reiki II.  3 months is reccommended.
A 2 day course: Improvement of basics, Reiki II attunements (4) , Reiki flow is doubled, Reiki Symbols given (3), Symbol use and practice: Distance Healing, object cleansing, power-up, treating clients,
As a Reiki II graduate you can begin to work as a certified Reiki Practitioner and start your path healing others
Reiki -IIIa                                                                                                                                
A 2 day course: Improvement of symbol use and meanings. Test of ability to treat clients and channel Reiki by distance healing, Reiki III attunements (4).  Master Symbol given.
Minimum time is 6months after receiving Reiki II.
Reiki- IIIb - Master/Teacher training                                                             
In consultation with Reiki Master. 
How to pass on authorised and permanent attunements to others. Responsibilities etc.



For further information on course fees,dates and locations contact
Reiki Certificate
 Distance Healing Introduction- 遠隔治療
 Reiki can be sent over distance and time and can be programmed to arrive at specific times also.  This is known as Distance Healing or Absent Healing.
This is possible because the Universe is not limited the way our minds think it is and because time is not linear but circular. 
Distance Healing is one of the more complex areas of energy work to comprehend but one of the most wonderful when put to use!
Reiki is a step into a larger world of Universal Rules and Karma, and a step towards understanding our own role in life and lifes meaning.
A person attuned to Reiki II has the ability to send larger enough amounts of energy than usual to heal others because their connection to the Universe is strengthened by the attunement process.
As Reiki is a gentle energy it takes time to work through the many layers of emotional and physical trauma we may have. Daily or regular sessions are the best way to acheive results. The great thing about Reiki is the practitioner doesn't need to be in the same room and you dont need to travel to meet them - though treatment in person is always best!
Instructions for Receiving Reiki by Distance
  • Find a quiet room or place with dim light or relaxing music
  • Sit in a chair or on the floor. Make sure you keep your back straight.
  • Place your hands on your knees with the palms facing upward
  • Calm your mind and relax your shoulders, take a moment to settle
  • Ask the Universe for blessing and protection. Ask to receive the Reiki energy
  • Stay in this position for the agreed time (usually 30mins to 1 hour)
  • Keep relaxed throughout. Enjoy the energy flow!
  • When time is up, take a moment to thank the Universe for the healing.
 Order a Distance Healing:
You can order a healing session or even request to have Reiki sent to a friend or family member needing support through hard times. (Best to ask their permission first!)
Reiki can be sent anywhere, anytime. It is more effective when received on a daily basis. As it is not always possible to travel to a practitioner. Contact and have Reiki sent to you at a certain time and/or at regular intervals. 
*It is always reccommended to drink extra amounts of good quality water with any healing sesion as the body needs is to eliminate wastes and toxins.