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BOWTECH, also known as Bowen Therapy, Bowen Work and Bowen Technique, is a therapy that uses a small series of precise moves on the body that results in a state of deep relaxation. This allows the body to reset and begin its own healing process, returning the muscles and fascia to their normal state in a short period of time.

These precise moves give more profound results than massage therapy and physiotherapy. Acute pain is often relieved instantly, sprained ankles can heal in a few seconds and long term injuries can be cleared from the body with minimal effort and within only 2 to 4 sessions. 

Bowtech is great for any kind of injury and is loved by runners, cyclists, rugby players , and even racehorses

Gerard is now based in central Palma de Majorca, Spain     Phone: +34-646-383-143


Bowtech is not a form of massage or Shiatsu but a specific method of stimulating the body's own healing mechanisms and is very different from other therapies. Moves are made across muscles, tendons, nerves and joints in a quick but deliberate manner. The client is then left alone while the body begins to unwind and incorporate the coding. These moves may give rise to different sensations such as tingling, buzzing, heat, heaviness, and/or a deep feeling of relaxation. The practitioner will wait 2 to 5 minutes until they feel your body is ready before making the next moves. These waiting gaps are the key to the deep work Bowen does.

 Bowen can be performed through clothing and is totally safe to apply even to emergency injuries as the moves can be performed featherlite if necessary and still achieve the results needed. Thus Bowen is great for everyone from babies to the elderly and is also effective on animals.

Treatments are performed lying down on a low bed or massage table but can also be applied in a seated position. Some moves are done standing. Clients remain clothed but loose comfortable clothing is best to allow maximum circulation and ease of treatment

The first session will include a brief interview about the main problem and treatment time is usually 30 to 60minutes depending on individual response.


Bowtech work can have profound effects and thus detoxification reactions may occur the folowing day of treatment. Please drink one glass of water per waking hour after a treatment and avoid other therapies that will cancel or disturb the Bowen coding.

Light exercise and walking helps the body to incorporate the changes that will occur gradually as the moves continue working for 1 to 2 weeks. A gap of 3 to 5 days between treatments is best

Infants love the Bowen and it is also effective on horses and dogs!


              Simple, Safe, Effective Treatment for:

                                  >Sports injuries and Tennis elbow

                                  >Back Pain  and Frozen Shoulder
                                  >Stress and tension and  Sore Joints
                                  >Sciatica pains, torticollis, Headaches,
                                  >Hormonal balance and Infertility
                                  > Respiratory Problems, including Asthma (asthma attacks too!) 
                                      and much more.....

Prices:  50 euro 1 session or 120 for 3 sessions    

A session usually lasts 40 to 60 mins (Initial consultation 30mins plus treatment 60mins)

Training to become a Bowen Therapist

Training takes place over seven modules spaced over time with revision days and a  written and practical exam at the end of module seven.
The final module and examination is overseen by Oswald and Elaine Rentsch - founders of the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia. It usually takes about 1 ½  to 2 years to complete the all 7 modules for the diploma of proficiency as well as courses on human anatomy, physiology and first-aid.
Gerard began using the Bowen Technique in 2001 and completed Modules 1-6 instructed by Angela Chadwick of "Self Heal" in NZ. In 2002 he completed Module 7 /Level 2 Seminar with Oswald and Elaine.

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                            THOMAS BOWEN      Oswald & Elaine Rentsch

Tom Bowen started treating his work colleagues at a factory where he worked
but soon had to give up his all his lunch breaks and spare time to treat injuries and complaints.
Eventually it became his fulltime passion and patients would come from hundreds of miles
away as his legend soon spread throughout many parts of Australia.Tom Bowens success was
such that the Victorian government estimated that he treated about 13,000 patients annually!