Akiko offers an original style of Therapy centering on Yoga and Ayurvedic principles:
An avid practitioner of Hatha Yoga since 2000, Akiko became a qualified instructor in 2005. Akiko incorporates her passion for ayurveda and Chi-gong to make for a unique class.
Akiko is experienced in providing one-to-one Yoga lessons designed for your unique requirements. While private classes are a wonderful option, its also fun to practice in small groups. Bring a friend and support each other as your body experiences changes you never thought possible!


Teaching in several studios and culture centres around Tokyo, Akiko also offers private sessions to cater for your own needs.
  •    Yoga Teacher
  •    Ayurveda Advisor
  •    Ayurveda Massage Therapist
  •    Aromatherapist
  •    Color Counsellor


Based on Hatha Yoga and incorporating aspects of Ayurveda, Akiko gives instruction in breathing techniques, meditation and Yoga massage at a level matched to your abilities. Aromatherapy is also used...   





Guidance is given according to your individual body type on diet, lifestyle, yoga, etc. a comprehensive consultation including giving massage...

Thai Massage
Thai massage has deep connections with Ayurveda. Akiko gives Chen Mai style massage to revitalise the bodily functions and provide deep relaxation...


Akiko also arranges seminars and coordiantes visits from
overseas instructors of various modalities as well as travelling top overseas venues to continue meeting new therapists.
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